Morvran Voorhis’ RANGE Deck


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Had a lot of fun with this deck, as most people expect to defend against the Impera Brigade/Spy tactic when they see Morvran! Had a good win streak in ranked matches too. The deck is all about range tactics, with the Cantarella & Treason power swing plus card advantage works really well , Yen & Tibor help to bully a round & the use of Cahir & Morvran help get numbers on the board! With having just range cards, Rain & Frost are useful to have & worked really well especially against Foltest , Morvran & a few Scoiatael decks. Had some struggle against monster decks especially Dagon (but who doesn’t lol) but still managed to chalk up some wins!

Try it out, there’s room for manoeuvre with the deck ie switching out the black infantry for more spy cards or enforcers to compliment more to the use of Cahir & leader ability etc….

Have fun!!!

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