Mulligan’s Island


-- 5,220

This is a pretty basic mulligan deck in which you spend most of your first 2 rounds buffing the Dol Blathanna Protectors, through the use of spells and Quen Sign, gaining that 3rd round advantage with OP units. Make sure you use Ragh Nar Roog appropriately, do not open with it round 2 unless it will effect immediately. Try and wait for stages when you can force your opponent to play through, as it becomes near impossible to win whilst three rows are covered in weather. If the opponent hands you the round to gain a card advantage. shuffle for Neophytes, Ragh Nar Roog, Triss, to bully him out of his power, any opponent with an irl problem will most likely just forfeit, due to lack of willpower.



You’d wanna start off by blacklisting Wardancers, and then trying to shuffle 1 of each other card, making sure to include a Quen Sign and a Dol Blathanna Protector, as that is the basis of your 2nd win condition and your glass cannon.

For the second round and your Leader ability You’d wanna give yourself the best variety for combos, which you would start off by redrawing a gold card or something less useful.

If by any chance, you have a Wardancer on your third mulligan, wait for the next chance to reshuffle it as it is not a beneficial play to make.

Watch for any plays they’re making as you can usually shut it down with a well-timed lacerate.

Lastly, for the final round you wanna have your 1st round Dol Blathanna, and try to shuffle for another. at this stage it should be around 14-15 power so it should be enough to trump most cards. Considering your opponent will most likely try to take round 2. Leaving him with 1-2 cards. If you don’t have a Dol Blathanna because you played it last round. Then do not try to mulligan it because you could end up with a spell, which can cause you to lose.


1st Round

Try to start off with a Vrihedd Dragoon. If not possible start with an officer or mercenary. For the second round, play an assassin or another high unit, scorch if valuable. Whether your leading or losing, third turn you wanna use a Quen Sign on your Dol Blathanna Protector, your opponent may pass at this stage, or they may play, whatever it is, you still pass. At this point you will either be equal on cards, or have a 1 card advantage.

2nd Round

This round you wanna start off with Vrihedd Dragoon(‘s), Neophytes followed by mulligan, and play as many spells as possible looking for the most advantageous spell casting. Such as using Nature’s gift to pull a lacerate because they have 4 temerian infantrymen. Considering you handed over the first round, you have to win this round, even if this means playing a Dol Blathanna at the end to pull ahead.  If the opponent hands you the 1st round to gain a card advantage. shuffle for Neophytes, Ragh Nar Roog, Triss, Scorch and Lacerate to bully him out of his power, any opponent with an IRL problem will most likely just forfeit.


3rd Round

Assuming you are both down to 1-2 cards, you’ll wanna mulligna out your other Dol Blathanna, however if you only have 1 card going into this final round. Do not try and mulligan, unless you believe you won’t get a spell. However assuming you still had 1 Dol Blathanna, any second card is plausible, however a gold card(not Ragh Nar Roog) can also pose a tremendous help in securing your second win.




Authors Note:

I am still a noob to the game, but i though this deck did pretty well, and considering it is mostly starter cards, most people can use it. If your bored of all those monster/skellige decks you face……. 😛

And if you wanna try out something a bit more fun because your a p2w pro –

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