(NEW PATCH 0.97) BlueyesOwl NG v1.1


-- 6,150

Hey again,
With the last patch NG took a big shot and nerfed hard but I think with this list found a bit of compatitive formula.
Atm, as I’m writting this, I’m 12-3 W/L on 12rank.
I cutted golems and Cantarella to be more consistant.
The playstyle is overall the same, play hard on 1st round and don’t even afraid to use Vilgefortz. You have the combination of Ciri and Ciri: Dash as win conditions on last round (even on second round).
Even if you don’t keep 1 of 2 Ciri’s on hand even 1 can do the job + Roach as we did with this deck.
Decoy + Peter is so huge play, can win a round alone.
Make your oppenent use as many cards as can be, so you will have the advantage on next rounds.
So, you can give 1st round if you have play Ciri or Ciri: Dash or (best senario) both + Roach…. If you loose 1 Ciri will be in deck and the other boosted and back on deck as 12str unit !!!

That’s it for now,
cya again soon.

P.S.> Hope CDproject to change mind and consider to fix this mess with NG.

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