NG Midrange Row Control


-- 6,300

Versatile and formidable deck within the hands of a skilled user. Good for all rounds. Bad against heavy control decks. 


Geralt Aard: Useful for row control which is somewhat unexpected for NG, surprise your opponent in R1 or R3 with powerful combination of Geralt Aard, Hailstorm, Lacerate(s) and Iris’s deathwish.

Triss Butterfly: Subject to preference, could substitute for Yennefer the conjurer. Can put pressure on your opponent in R1 and ensure an early victory with a combo with Alba Pikemen, Magna Division or NG Standard Bearers.

Stefan Skellen: Very useful NG gold card that allows you to pick any card you want from your deck. Very useful in combination with Magna Division or Cantarella. It will help you set up powerful combos. Need Aard? Butterfly? Iris? Got Magna and Skellen? Make it happen. 

Cahir: Subject to preference, but it’s in there to give you deck information and card advantage. With only 25 cards in this deck, it’s quite possible you will find the card you want or need. You can exchange for Vilgefortz or Yennefer the conjurer.


Fake Ciri: If you play this card correctly, it can win you the game. Very strong card in R3, but should be played early in the round if you deem that it is safe to play it. Watch for consume, locks and decoys. You will have many cards in this deck such as Triss/Yennefer, Imperial Golem, Ocvist and Alba Pikemen which will be suitable to burn locks on. If locks are something you don’t want backfiring on you, then pick up Auckes and Cleaver over Ocvist and Gaurdian. You can also switch the leader to EME for more utility. However, you will sacrifice card advantage for utility.

Iris: Absolutely a must have in this deck. This card will give you +25 power if you can kill it. Do not prematurely place this card, as it will give away your intention to row control. Place it right before you use Geralt Aard combo. Watch for buffs on Iris if you do not have hailstorm/lacerate.

Ocvist: Great card, but not entirely essential. It is a very tempting lock target, and if you can play it for four turns, you get an extra card and some damage. Can substitute for Auckes/Cleaver.

Merigold Hailstorm: A must have. Save for row control. I pick this over Skellige storm because it’s instantaneous and cannot be countered with clear weather. 

The Gaurdian: Great card, but not essential. Deathwish is very annoying for opponent. Use in R1 or R2. Can be used in conjunction with Magda Division and force your opponent to draw unwanted cards. Can substitute for Auckes/Cleaver for lock control. 

Cantarella: If you win R1, play this in R2. Gain an extra card. Can be used with Skellen to get a needed card. If you have to use it in R1 or R3 place on row you plan to destroy.


Alba Armored Cavalry: Good to use when playing against high base power decks, especially Skellige. Can come in handy in R1 and R3.

Alba Pikemen: Discard all extra copies in your hand, keep only one if you have Triss. If you don’t have Triss or a way of getting her, go ahead and discard and use another strategy.

Magne Division: Can be useful in any round as it extends the round every time you play it. Do not play it against NG reveal, as it will be used against you. Very useful in R3 in combination with Fake Ciri as it extends the round. Best played towards the end of Round 3 before using NG Standard Bearers.

NG Standard Bearer: It’s okay. I wouldn’t rely on this card too much. Can be a lock bait. Mostly just there to get 23 to 25.

Lacerate: A must have. Will give you row control. Keep in hand if you have aard or hailstorm. Always keep in hand if you play against monsters or NR.

Clear Weather: Standard Meta. Can counter gold, silver or bronze weather cards or give you rally. Can discard if you feel weather is unlikely.

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