Northern Realms high power trio deck 60% winrate 4K MMR


-- 8,380

Was able to climb from 2k to 4k MMR using this deck, over the 100 games I’ve played it has been altered here and there but I feel this is about as good of an iteration that I’ve found. Sometimes I traded out Kiera for Shani or Royal Decree, as Gigni is just too valuable to not draw, but I found I had a dead card more often than not. Am currently testing D-bomb in place of reinforcement to counter the insane amount of carryover in the meta. 61% winrate over all

VS Skellige 78%

VS NR 74% 

VS Nilfgaard 70% 

VS Monsters 34%

VS ST 45%

since ST and monsters are the most common matchup, this deck may not be the best at top 1k, but I’ve ranked up regardless, and found that most of my losses were due to misplays on my part. Otherwise, you’re most likely going to destroy the other factions.


Consistancy wise, this deck relies on a good starting hand, if you end up with a perfect hand with no duplicate infantrymen or witchers, no commandos, just 1 sargeant, etc, you are almost guaranteed to win barring any misplays (I’ve found I have a perfect hand around 40% of the time), every other time, it’s all about how you use your resources to maximize power. 


I’ve found that one sargeant into Henselt on round one is an incredible opener, and when evenly distributed among the rows, the only cards you’re vulnerable to is scorch and epidemic, which rarely ever occurs. The siege supports are meant for rounds 2 and 3 where they accumulate easily 15-20 points of value each. 

Dandelion is great for protecting yourself from Gigni, which is absolutely everywhere right now, I typically buff one Dun Cavalry, one Infantryman, and one tracer hunter or witcher to minimize scorch losses. 

Dijkstra I’ve found to only be useful on round 3, and you’re more than welcome to sub him out for something else (Royal Decree etc), but I’ve found that on round 3 the deck has around 3-4 cards left, and Dijkstra allows for some massive swings for only 1 card, possibly pulling a much needed Gigni or any trio, or Reaver Hunter etc.

Nenneke is almost solely used for the Dun Cavalry, it makes for minimum 20 power for one card, but is flexible and can be used for witchers or other trios that you might have played 2 of, and still have 1 in your hand (2 card combo but still powerful). 

Reinforcement is almost always used to pull Nenneke, otherwise usually a siege support or reaver hunter.

Thaller is mitigated when used properly, as the Dun Cavalry will cancel him out and even add to your score, if your opponent misplays and passes when you play Thaler, you can very easily win the round with just 1 card, or none if your siege support and Dandelion buffs are in play.

First time posting a deck, hope I’ve helped, this deck is really enjoyable to play and easy to get power in the 100’s in 2 rounds, very powerful imo.


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