Radovid Control with Guide!


-- 6,600

I didnt expect too much but this deck works pretty well for me, its insane against skellige,consume Monsters and Northerm Decks and brings me from rank 5 to 13.

The Deck ist created to stop the plays and card combinations of your opponent, so use scorch shackles etc.

Put out ur trebuchets and siege supporters, keep an eye on the enemy and play blocks whenever u feel its right.


Against Skellige

Keep Scorch and Gerald Igni for the bears,axemen and the shackles and cleaver to block their combinations or cards.

Against Monsters

Look after first lights, scorch geralt Igni and Cleaver, especially against consume monsters use scorch, igni to control their plays and points.

Against Scoia tael

Mulligan  Igni, Scorch, Shackles and Cleaver, keep focused on ur side and don’t give him a huge card advantage.

Against Northerm

Use all of the control cards to stop their combos and cards, u can also add a D-Bomb for Herselt if u want to for Cleaver.


First Round

Push with ur Trebuchets, Triss Butterfly and Siege supporters and maybe Priscilla, so u can revive her with shani,nenneke.

Keep focused on the enemy and block his strategy and let our trebuchets work for u.

Keep an eye on igni and scorch, u didn’t want 3 trebuchets with 6 strength and priscilla, so use the siege supporters.


Use him when u feel to do it, he is great against Consume Monsters, Harald the cripple decks and Foltest Machines.

But do it before it is to late, they often play around him and didnt want that u block his cards.

U can also block weather immune cards to loose their strength.



U did not want to have roach, 3 reaver scouts and 3 trebuchets on our hand.

Search for Triss, Igni and 2 Trebuchets.

Medics are essential but not in the first round, 2 are enough.

U can also put a medic out with first light.



I loveTriss Merigold, because u can control savage bears, consume monsters, axemen etc. but u can replace her with bloody baron, yen,ciri, Philippa (in combination with shackles or decoy) or another good gold card u want.




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One thought on “Radovid Control with Guide!

  1. Malallador
    April 18, 2017 at 8:55 pm

    Really don’t know why you run into triss instead of roshe. Same effect but quite more better. Second thing is Roach. There is no synergy with roach, no Baron, no Ciri. KoB looks more valuable in this deck. And last you actually don’t need 3 reaver scout. Manticore venom looks good in any deck in current meta.


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