Rank 15 Hag Operator Monsters


-- 6,250

The aim of the deck is to win 🙂 I’m in top 100 in Australian region.

The top row is not used and shut down by caranthir and dagon.

Main purpose of 3x first light is deck thinning but have to be careful when drawing ekimmara.

Hag is saved for the last card. This clashes with Caretaker so i have Igni instead.

Operator is absolutely essential as it improves reliability. It is mostly used on arachas behemoth and occassionally vrans.

Ocvist helps guarantee that dagon and caranthir can shut down top row by playing last.

Ekimmara helps when vrans are killed off, and to kill rot and foreign troops.

Harpies set up vran for a consume and the eggs are good targets for ekimmara and kayran


Tricks of the deck

Counting the bronze cards in deck gives the odds when using first lights.

Throw round 1 after playing crones. Round 2 is the power turn that can get up to 150 points. Round 3 is hag. Lose win win.

Operator can be used instead of a harpy for starting round 2.

Dont be too disappointed if all vrans get killed, just play all arachas then use ekimmara and kayran.

Used ekimmara to protect back line from igni.

Its worth learning how to use ocvist but initially you will lose it a lot so hang tough till you get results. Ocvist can also draw fire away from arachas and vrans.


How to mulligan

Only keep 1 harpy. Only keep a first light against monsters for weather. If 2 crones have been seen already do the 3rd mulligan as odds of 3rd crone appearing is low. General principle of avoiding operator in a mirror match applies, if you see  monsters get rid of operator.


All good except gold and weather decks because they neutralize weather.


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