Skellige – Tuirseach Discard


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Hello ppl,

been climbing the ladder with this deck. Im only at rank 3300 so, and if the deck performs well at higher ranks, ill write a detailed guide.

For now, the objective is very simple, open with King Bran, and discard 2x QueensGuards and Cerys and also making sure you have 1 QueensGuard in your opening hand.

Svanrige: you should mulligan for him hard and he should be played at 1st round if possible. Always discard a Tuirseach in hand or Clan an Craite raider.

Sigrdrifa is very important in this deck as it allows you to combo with Svanrige for added power of Clan Dimun Pirate and discard mechanics present in the deck.

Everytime you discard a Clan An Craite raider it counts towards Cerys ress timer, so make sure you dont pull her out if u dont need the extra power on board.

Madman Lugos: use him to discard a Tuirseach while removing a threat from the board or a Clan an Craite raider if u need the extra power on board. Remember that damage done by the discarded unit is equal to the unit base power.

Suggestions are welcomed. TY

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