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This is the 2nd iteration i am trying of this deck after playing a lot of Nilfgaard. I was netdecking to see the functionality and core mechanics of this Faction but all the top decks (in Gwentify) seem to lack something always. So my purpose is to make a versatile deck that can counter almost everything in the current META, or in worst case give them a hard fight. That being said, this is still a project under development you could say.

Cards that offer versatility are important. At the same time thinning and the powerful Leader ability to go through the deck make it even more difficult for any opponent and very efficient for this deck. I wouldn’t say at higher or lower tiers though, perhaps it works best at one and not the other.

One can make a point as to whether a card like Dimeritium ShacklesChoose a Unit and toggle its Lock. If it is Gold, Demote it first. If it is an Enemy, Damage it by 2. is not as good as AuckesDeploy: Toggle 2 Units' Lock. If Enemies, Damage them by 1 as well., but i have found moments were i wish i had the option at least to lock a Gold unit. This is a CCG, so almost everything will be situational, another key word we have to consider when making Decks.

DecoyReturn a Bronze or Silver Ally to your Hand, Boost it by 3 and play it.. It is there for that versatility. Is it Rot TosserDeploy: Spawn a Cow Carcass on an opposing row., or even Fake CiriIf this Unit is Spying at the start of your turn, Boost it by 1. If it is Spying when your opponent passes, move it to the opposite side. Deploy: When you play this Unit on your side, Strengthen it by 3. (I had Cases were they Decoy it back to me for example) and so on, offers that versatility.

Everything else is common knowledge. EmissaryDeploy: Look at the top 2 Bronze Units from your Deck. Play 1 and shuffle the other back.for thinning, Vicovaro MedicDoomed. Deploy: Resurrect a Bronze Unit from your opponent's Graveyard. to rez whatever you feel best at the situation, yours, or to deny (Clan Tuirseach AxemanVeteran 1. Whenever an Enemy on the opposite row is Damaged, Boost self by 1. Deploy: Gain 2 Armor. and whatnot). Assassination and Igni are the two hard removals basically, use them wisely (obviously Rot Tossers are too).


In general the deck has a good amount of removals and deck thinning. 3 Rot Tossers and Fake Ciri can give quite a headache to your opponents plans and you can counter almost everything while having the ability to thin efficiently to find what you need with Leader power. On top of that after every round you may choose to swap one card that may not be good for the particular situation. Lastly, on a personal note, i like Nilf a lot for these reasons and they are in a better place after the positioning patch.

HFGL! (Any suggestions are welcome)

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