Spy Control/Midrange with walkthrough and craft priority


-- 6,320

Craft priority :

1.All bronzes(You can replace the manticore venom by a rot tosser or a second thunder) 2.Joachim 3.Treason 4.Cantarella 5.Cahir 6.Vilgefortz 7.Geralt : Igni 8.Auckes 9.Xarthisius (which can be replace by Yen : the conjurer) 10.Roach 11.Dimentrium bomb (which can be replace by a decoy).


Walktrough :

This deck build around the control of the enemy deck, play high value cards/combo, and empower Impera brigades (it’s often valuable to play your two brigades in a round but make them have different Strength to prevent one of them to be destroy by a scorch or an Igni). To do this you have many control cards and possible combo which appears to be situational, to make them possible to use in game you have to cycle you deck with emissary and eventually resurrect them with Vicovaro Medics but you have to count your bronze cards because you can quickly lack of them and give your opponent an emissary for nothing. At your first mulligan you always have to redraw Roach and try to have at least one Impera brigade and emissary; also keep your engineer and Xarthisius, in many case dont keep more than one Nauzicaa and also keep Joachim for an another round.


Specifics plays depend on different opponents :


– Monsters : Mulligan : Redraw Canterella. Against a devour you can take often take the round one easily cause they often play their nekker/nekker warrior. Use your Auckes against the nekker at the first round. Use you Vicovaro Medics on your emissary. Use your manticore Venom to take the highest possible Strengths. Use your thunder against Arachas Behemoth in priority or eventually on Vran warriors (some devour decks plays neither of them). Use you Cantarella carefully, you don’t want your opponent to devour her. Remember your opponent will devour their own cards to empower their cards, you can counter it with an Igni and Dimentrium bomb but don’t be to greedy or he’ll play he’s Keyran and there’s nothing you can do against it. Against a Meteo beware the combo meteo/Aard and try to make high value form first light. Use your Auckes for remove the weather immunity token.

– Northern Realms : Henselt is the most powerful counter to your deck, beware reinforced siege tower, use Dimentrium bomb and manticore against them (try to take two of them on a single use) and take them with Vicovaro Medics or he will resurect them. You also have to take card advantage and forced him to use he’s hero power on a round you can lose, then pass.

– Scoia’tael : Mulligan : Redraw Igni. The potential danger is an ambush deck, you have to know all ambush cards and how activate or don’t activate them. You’ll have to win the first round (it’s not that hard he will often use Vrihedd Dragoon to empower them Toruviel) and force him to play he’s empower Toruviel the second round then win the third one.


Skellige : Use Vicovaro Medics to counter them by stole their cards before your opponent resurect them. Against Harald you can counter him with Igni and Dimentrium bomb.


Nillfgaard : Mulligan : Keep 2 Nausicaa Brigades or 1 of them and Vilgefortz in case he plays Rot tosser.


There is other specifics strats and mechanics but I let you discover them by playing this deck. You can leave a comment  if you have a specific question/review (or simply want to correct my bad english =D).

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2 thoughts on “Spy Control/Midrange with walkthrough and craft priority

  1. Megarde
    April 19, 2017 at 11:09 am

    The reason I don’t play Stefan is because I don’t need him. There is a lot of cycling in this deck so I can already draw all cards I need, moreover I have The nilfgaard redraw round 2 and 3. He could not bring that much value.
    I agree with you that’s also what I do against Henselt =).

  2. Dawn by Shawn
    April 19, 2017 at 12:48 am

    i like the deck a lot, but play stefan over igni and only 2 nauzica brigades.
    Against Henselt, should keep d bomb and win round 1 and force him to play his medics in 2.


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