Swim’s Foltest Swarm (Guide)


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Brief Summary of Build

Played this deck on stream to great effect.  Pretty straightforward deck; hopefully get Lubberkin or Dandelion to stick, and then flood the board with a lot of little units (Trebuchets first).  Possibly use Yennefer as a finisher, and use Kaedweni to demote either Baron or Yennefer for Shani or Nenneke to bring back.  

Crafting Priority Order: Priscilla -> Shani -> Nenneke -> Geralt: Igni -> King of Burgers -> Dandelion -> Bloody Baron -> Roach -> Yennefer

Gold budget replacements: Yennefer Conjurer, Phillipa Eilhart, Triss: Butterfly Spell, Dijkstra, Renew.

Silver budget replacements: Decoy, Cleaver, Odrin, Operator, Thaler, Dimeritium Bomb. 

Card Combos

Reaver ScoutDeploy: Choose a different Bronze Ally and play a copy of it from your Deck.: Use this card to pull out Trebuchets or Field Medics ideally, although using them on Siege Supports is always fine too.  Huge synergy with Dandelion.  This is the card that’s going to be pulled by King of Beggars most of the time.

Field MedicDeploy: Choose a different Bronze Ally and shuffle it back into your Deck, then play a random Bronze Unit from your Deck.: This card’s great now that it’s at 4 STR.  Good synergy with Dandelion and Reaver Scout.

Reinforced TrebuchetEvery turn, at the start of your turn, Damage a random Enemy by 1 (ignoring Armor).: This card is core to the idea of the deck.  Spam these early and they’ll start generating ridiculous value.  If you don’t have enough Reaver Scouts (including via King of Beggars) to pull out 3 of these cards, keeping up to 2 in your opening hand is great.

Kaedweni Siege SupportWhenever an Ally appears, Boost it by 1. If it's a Machine, Boost it by 1 and add 1 Armor. Crewmen 1.: This card’s not necessarily essential to the deck, but is very powerful, as it’s a solid 9 value and has synergy with Foltest.  Try to buff the card you’re most interested in foltesting (often Trebuchet or Reaver Scout) so that you can copy the buff.

Kaedweni SergeantDeploy: Gain 2 Armor and clear Hazards from the row on your side. Crewmen 1.: Try to use this card to demote your Baron or maybe Yennefer for reuse via Shani or Nenneke.  If nothing else you can demote enemy gold cards.

DandelionDeploy: Boost up to 3 Units in your Deck by 2, then shuffle your Deck.: Try to play this one before everything else.  If it sticks, it will provide really ridiculous value.  Don’t feel bad about resurrecting this card if it dies and you really want to be able to commit hard for round 1.

RoachWhenever you play a Gold card from your Hand (note: does not include Leaders), play this Unit from your Deck on a random row before that card resolves.: This card is great as it gives Lubberkin a target even if you play Baron turn 1 on an empty board.

Prince StennisDeploy: Gain 3 Armor. Play the top Loyal Bronze or Silver Unit from your Deck and give it 5 Armor.: Try to use this in a situation where you have 10+ more points than your opponent, preferably after you’ve thinned your deck with Reaver Scout and King of Beggars.

PriscillaCounter 4: Until the Counter reaches 0, at the end of your turn, Boost a random other Ally by 3 and decrease the Counter. Deploy: Gain 3 Armor.: This card is a little worse since one of the cards shown is face-down, but it’s still quite good.  Great to pull with King of Beggars, Nenneke, and Shani.

NennekeDeploy: Shuffle up to 3 Bronze or Silver Units from your Graveyard into your Deck.: Use this card on Priscilla, King of Beggars, or Dandelion, or alternatively on a demoted Baron or Yennefer. Can no longer be used on Lubberkin as it’s now fleeting.

ShaniDeploy: Resurrect a Bronze or Silver Unit and add 2 Armor to it.: Same as Nenneke above, although when you res dandelion with this he can’t be killed again.

Bloody BaronIf this Unit is in your Deck at the end of the Round, place it on top. Whenever an Enemy is Destroyed during a Round while this Unit is in your Deck, Boost it by 1.: One of the stronger cards in this deck.  Play this first on turn 1 and if Lubberkin doesn’t get answered, it will generate game winning amounts of value.  Even if the opponent has to commit an entire card to kill it (Alzur’s Thunder, Manticore Venom, Lacerate), you’re still getting pretty good value out of that exchange as you have 11 points on the board after that.  Demote this and re-use it with Shani or Nenneke if possible.

YenneferDeploy: Spawn a Unicorn or a Chironex.: Huge synergy with NR faction passive as you get an additional gold body.  Use it after flooding the board in round 1, typically with a Unicorn to capitalize on a bigger board presence than your opponent.  In some circumstances, Chironex can generate more value.  Bonus points for using Chironex to kill Priscilla to enable re-using her that round via Nenneke or Shani.

Geralt: IgniDeploy: Destroy all the Highest Units on the opposite row if that row totals 25 or more Power.: This card is always going to be very strong in a fresh meta, as people will be playing more greedy than they should.  Should represent very reliable value swings, although your trebuchets might ruin some opportunities.


General Guide


You want to start with no more than 1 Kaedweni Siege Support and Field medic.  Keep all Reaver Scouts, and 1-2 Reinforced Trebuchets.  If you don’t have Baron or Yennefer, mulligan Kaedweni Sergeant.  

General Gameplay

Start by playing Baron for Lubberkin if you have it, then Dandelion.  If Dandelion gets killed, consider using Nenneke or Shani on him.  Proceed by playing Reinforced Trebuchets, and Reaver Scouts to pull more until you have 3.  If anything bronze dies, use a Field Medic to res it.  When all your trebuchets are out, consider demoting your Baron or maybe playing Stennis if you need to slow the round out a bit.  Use Igni/Yennefer as finishers.  Your round 1 presence is so strong it should really force your opponent out of the round. 

Ultimately, there’s only so much I can cover in this guide, as there’s so many possible situations in Gwent that would change the proper line of play, so if you’re interested in improving further at this deck, feel free to check out my stream to see me play the deck or to ask me any questions.  

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