Swim’s Spell’tael


-- 6,370

Brief Summary of Build

This is a pretty unique deck I was playing on stream for the past several days.  Start by using Milva to return Roach to your hand (if you go first), and then start stacking Hawker Smugglers, Hawker Supports, and Isengrim.  You can easily get up to ~8 extra points per spell you cast.  Use Alzur’s Double Cross and clone it with Nature’s Gift or Aglais to spam Supports and Ocvist (Nature’s Gift will count as casting 2 spells).  Use Adrenaline Rush on your 2nd biggest smuggler, use Aglais in round 1 or 2 if you have renew (which also will trigger Supports/Isengrim), and very much consider using Aglais on Adrenaline Rush if possible.  Don’t use King of Burgers unless Roach has been pulled out already.

Crafting Priority Order: Alzur’s Double Cross -> Yaevinn -> Nature’s Gift -> Milva -> Aglais -> King of Burgers -> Isengrim -> Ocvist -> Roach -> Renew

If you’re missing any of the above cards, replace them with any of these:

Golds: Geralt: Igni, Yennefer: Conjurer, Saskia, Iorveth, Zoltan Chivay, Ithlinne

Silvers: Cleaver, Dimeritium Bomb, Operator

General Guide


Keep every unit you find, mulliganing spells. Keep First Lights if you don’t have that many units (If you have <4 non-gold units, keep all first lights, for every unit more than that you have, keep a maximum of one less First Light).  Since it’s a Brouver deck, make sure you don’t start with 5 non-Roach silvers in your hand.  If you’re at your 3rd mulligan with 4, cancel there so you don’t risk making your Brouver useless.

General Gameplay

Open with Milva into roach if the opponent has no units on their board (if you went first).  Start developing your board with Hawker Smugglers, Isengrim, and Hawker Supports.  If your opponent isn’t pressuring you, play Ocvist.  Stagger your Hawker Supports by playing a spell, often pulling more with Alzur’s Double Cross, and Nature’s Gift.  Continue into the round developing your board while getting extra value with every spell.  You’ll probably end up using Yaevinn pretty early, as you will be putting out tempo extremely quickly and you should always have access to Yaevinn via Brouver.  Adrenaline Rush your 2nd strongest Hawker Support.  Since the deck uses Renew, consider using Aglais somewhat early, in round 1 or round 2, especially if it’s in your hand.  You should be able to force your opponent out of round 1 with a solid card advantage.  In many situations you can re-adrenaline rush your hawker support with Aglais going into round 3, to then renew Aglais on round 3.

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