Swim’s Weather Monsters


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Brief Summary of Build

My variant of a competitive weather monsters list right now.  Inspired by tragicstar’s weather ge’els, although I personally find this variant has been working better for me. New Griffins are very strong as they’ll be able to find good targets in basically every matchup, and the change to First Light means stealing Clear Skies against Scoia’Tael will be very strong.  Overall, people overreacted to the changes to First Light and Woodland Spirit.  Neither change makes this deck really much weaker, although you’ll want to be a bit more careful putting 2 weathers at once.  

Crafting Priority Order: Caranthir -> Woodland Spirit -> Crones -> Geralt: Igni -> Avallach -> Ocvist -> Aeromancy

If you’re missing any of the above cards, replace them with any of these:

Golds: Yennefer: Conjurer, Ciri, Caretaker, Draug, 

Silvers: White Frost, King of Beggars, Giant Toad, Ice Giant, Gaunter O’Dimm, Nithral

If you don’t have all of these cards, check out my budget version for this list.

General Guide


Like with any weather monsters list, you’re going to be mulliganing super conservatively, with the singular objective of ending with 0x Foglets, 1x Rider, and 1x Crones.  Generally, blacklist Foglets, then Riders, then Crones (as Crones blacklist independently).  As soon as you have that desired handstate, get out of the mulligan (never use your 3rd mulligan here unless you need to to get rid of redundant musters).  

General Gameplay

Open with Ocvist, then fog (vanilla fog if possible, Dagon otherwise, unless it’s a weather mirror in which case use Aeromancy or Woodland Spirit).  Play Ancient Foglets and Wild Hunt Riders.  If you find yourself 10 or more points behind, play crones, if you find yourself 10 or more points ahead, play Avallach.  You should be able to push deep for round 1, particularly if you have 2+ Thunderbolt Potions.  Play Old Speartip if you have an opportunity to swing huge damage, making sure to save Thunderbolt Potions for very late into the round, so that you can end up buffing 3 units including the one you plan on keeping.  Be very careful about positioning with this list; You always want to enable Thunderbolt Potions, so make sure that you have a plan for buffing.  Put your Ancient Foglets together, as buffing Foglets is vulnerable to clear skies.  Play very carefully around Clear Skies, if you think your opponent may use it, avoid using both Frost and Fog unless you happen to have surplus weathers in hand, or unless you need to. 

Ultimately, there’s only so much I can cover in this guide, as there’s so many possible situations that would change the proper line of play, so if you’re interested in improving further at this deck, feel free to check out my stream to see me play the deck or to ask me any questions.

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