Swim’s Weather-Wounding (Guide)


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Brief Summary of Build

This is the deck I played on stream periodically for the past several days to great effect.  It basically is combining the wounding archetype with weather immunity for some really good effects.  Play Yen:Con, Axemen, and Blueboy Lugos early.  Use weather to trigger your Berserkers and to shut down the enemy board.  For combo points, use Blueboy Lugos first, and then weather a stacked row that the whale’s not on; the whale will have a 50% chance of killing the entire row before weather can even be cleared.  Basically the deck revolves around the idea that frost and rain are the strongest weathers, and as such gains massive value.  Save King of Burgers to be used in round 3 (often for Freya) for a massive point swing, unless you plan on using Sigrdrifa on him for an even bigger swing.  

Crafting Priority Order: Yennefer:Conjurer -> Sigrdrifa -> Donar an Hindar -> Birna Bran -> Wild Boar of the Sea -> Geralt: Igni -> King of Beggars -> Roach -> Blueboy Lugos

If you’re missing any of the above cards, replace them with any of these:

Golds: Geralt: Igni, Yennefer, Geralt:Aard, Hjalmar

Silvers: Restore, Myrgtabrakke, Holger Blackhand, Operator

Update 1

-1 Berserker, -1 Igni, -1 Rain, +1 Coral, +2 Stammelford’s Tremors

Basically you don’t want to draw too many Berserkers (playing 2 in the same round is vulnerable to scorch/igni), and bronze slots are kind of tight.  Coral is better and less committal than vanilla rain, and it turns out Stammelford’s Tremors is a pretty good card who knew.

Card Combos

Raging BerserkerRetaliation: Transform into a Raging Bear.: This card’s very powerful, but it’s a 2x because stacking them is vulnerable vs Scorch/Igni and part of its utility is providing a strong res target, but you only need 1 for that.  Play it before Frost if possible so that if frost gets cleared immediately, it still gets triggered.  Use an Archer to trigger it otherwise.

Clan Tuirseach AxemanVeteran 1. Whenever an Enemy on the opposite row is Damaged, Boost self by 1. Deploy: Gain 2 Armor.: This card a large part of the idea behind this deck.  Play it early, and it will grow with most of the cards in your deck.  Keep all of them from your mulligan.

Priestess of FreyaDoomed. Deploy: Resurrect a Bronze Unit.: Skellige’s auto-include bronze.  Don’t keep more than 1 from your mulligan, but amazing in the later stages of the game. Your main target from King of Beggars.

Clan Brokvar ArcherDeploy: Damage 3 Units by 1.: Very powerful card.  You can use it to stagger your Axemen so they can’t be Igni’d, or to trigger your Berserkers if you don’t have frost.  Main application is simply to trigger your Axemen  though.

Stammelford's TremorsDamage all Units by 1. If any were Destroyed, Spawn a Lesser Guardian on your side.: Pretty easy 12 damage and great synergy with Axemen.  Pure value card, careful about keeping these ones into round 3 if it’s looking like it’ll be short.

SigrdrifaDoomed. Deploy: Resurrect a Bronze or Silver Unit.: Skellige auto-include silver.  Your main targets are King of Beggars and Blueboy Lugos. Ressing an opponent spy in a bleeder round 2 can be great too.

King of BeggarsRegressing. Deploy, Brave: Strengthen self enough to tie the Round or to a maximum of 15 base Power. Great synergy with Freyas and Skellige faction passive.  Basically slamming this card in round 3 into Freya into another card will net you +9 from your passive due to 3 bodies.

OcvistAfter 4 turns, at the start of your turn, Damage all Enemies by 1, return this Unit to your Hand and transform it into Exhausted Ocvist.: Tricky one to play.  I generally play it very early on round 1 to put pressure on the opponent, but it can be better to drop it later for its effect against a really efficient swarming deck like Ge’els.  Either way, great card as always that happens to have huge synergy with this list.

Donar an HindarDeploy: Toggle a Unit's Lock. Move a Bronze Unit from your opponent's Graveyard to your Graveyard.: Play this when you need to slow down a round.  Also great tool to bleed out round 2. If you’re about to lose round 1, replace this for another card first.

Blueboy LugosDeploy: Spawn a Spectral Whale on a random opposing row.: Huge synergy with weathers.  Drop this card early and then weather a stacked row that the whale isn’t yet on.  You have a 50% chance of the whale annihilating their row before they have a chance to clear it.  This interaction will probably actually be changed just because of how strong it is.

CoralDeploy: Transform a Bronze or Silver Unit into a Jade Figurine.: Just another source of weather to combo with Blueboy and Axemen. 

Wild Boar of the SeaEvery turn, at the start of your turn, Strengthen the Unit to the left by 1 and Damage the Unit to the right by 1. Deploy: Gain 5 Armor.: Basically a gold Myrgtabrakke.  Can kill valuable targets such as Margarita and Ocvist, and otherwise just has good synergy.  In a pinch can be used to trigger a Raging Berserker.

Birna BranVeteran 1. Deploy: Apply a Skellige Storm Hazard to the opposite row.: Skellige’s 2nd spy.  Same as Donar; just play it in a situation where you want to slow down the game.  If you’re going to lose round 1, play this first.

Yennefer: The ConjurerEvery turn, at the start of your turn, Damage all the Highest Enemies by 1. Revenge: Damage all the Highest Enemies by 2.: Play this first very early on.  Should generate huge value.  If it gets D-shackled, you’ll be able to resurrect it later if you want to.

General Guide


Blacklist Freyas and Archers early, while keeping every Axeman. Keep 1 freya if you have only 1 Axeman and you’re in a matchup where he might be killed off.  Mulligan Frosts away vs weather and Foltest; keep 1 frost in most other matchups.  

General Gameplay

Start by playing Yennefer: Conjurer, Blueboy Lugos, and maybe Ocvist if your opponent isn’t putting much pressure on you.  Play Axemen, preferrably with staggered STR values (Whale and Yen:con ticking between), and Freya any ones that get killed.  Play archers for value and to stagger your Axemen if you haven’t already done so, although keep 1 archer to trigger your Berserkers if you have no frost.  Continue into the round, slowing down the pace of the round if you get 10+ points ahead with Donar or Birna.  If at any point you have a whale out on their board, weather a stacked row that the whale is not on for a 50% chance of killing that entire row before they can clear it.  You should be able to go very deep for round 1, taking it in most situations, while saving King of Burgers and Sigrdrifa to carry you through the later rounds.  If you won round 1, either pass immediately in round 2 or go for a bleeding strategy with spies, Ocvist, etc. 

Ultimately, there’s only so much I can cover in this guide, as there’s so many possible situations that would change the proper line of play, so if you’re interested in improving further at this deck, feel free to check out my stream to see me play the deck or to ask me any questions.  

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2 thoughts on “Swim’s Weather-Wounding (Guide)

  1. gulo gulo
    April 2, 2017 at 1:35 am

    Been using this in the technical beta on PS4 this weekend, about 47-9 with it. There’s no Stammelford’s Tremors available, so I went with Manticore Venom, and swapped Roach out for Holgar Blackhand.

    A lot of fun! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Fistintheeye
    March 30, 2017 at 11:48 am

    Nice deck but i replaced boar with ingi, bcs coral isn´t enough to counter opposite side and also you don´t have her every game.


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