The Worldeater


-- 6,260

This deck heavily focuse’s on creating powerfull unit’s by consuming both your’s and your’s opponents card’s on board and in the graveyard. 

The gold units are more of a support units that helps the lesser cards to become more valuable and significant game changer. Triss butterflies is very importand early on a round for see will boost the lowest rated cards at the end of your turn on your board so try to get the lower rated units with similar strength on the board then play triss to get the extra power that may help you more then you think. 

The rare units all have a part to your strategy to win. you will see that the Vran warrior is like your rook with out him this deck is useless. The Vran warrior and the celaeno harpy are very powerfull if used together. When you play the Harpy see will summon two harpy eggs wich if are counsumed will create an lesser harpy with the base power of 1 but the unit that counsumed the egg will retrive 4 +in our case the Vran warrior who can consume both eggs in 3 turns  will have the overall power after the eggs of 12. now we have 3 harpys in our deck and 3 Vran warriors so usually you get both in your strarting hand. But not only is the Vran Warrior and the Harpy importand in this strategy, the Arachas behemoth has super ability that if the behemoth is on the board every counsume that you will trigger will the ability of the behemoth wich creates unit the strength of 3 and the ability repeats 4 times = 12+ power. And to end this all the final strategy card for this play is the Nekker wich gains+1 power for each counsume if you have him on the board, in your hand even in your deck.

This was just 4 units that i explained how to use to gain a lot of power but every card in this deck is equal importand for different scenario and factions.the biggest weakness this deck has is that it has no counter defence against any weather card so i added first ligth card and Archgriffin that are the only cards that can clear the skies but dont help with the strategy that this deck uses. 

I hope you can try this deck out for its really powerfull even for the more advanced decks. Enjoy 🙂

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