TheSevenCatsBrawl#1: Sloon’s Top3 Niilfgard Cow Control


-- 7,500

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One thought on “TheSevenCatsBrawl#1: Sloon’s Top3 Niilfgard Cow Control

  1. Sloon
    March 13, 2017 at 1:57 pm

    The list as shown here is pretty close to what I play on ladder. I’ll add some explanations for the sideboarding here that can to some extend be applied to tech for the ladder meta. Guess I’ll also clarify some of the less common choices.

    Unusual choices:
    – 1 Ambassador: I like running 1 in the place of a Nilfgaardian Knight. It’s almost the same power swing, but has the advantage if being playable into weather and can provide a solid medic target for the matchups where the opponent doesn’t offer good targets. The downside is that it is an awkward First Light rally.
    – Witchers: As for most decks, round 1 is very important. Witchers allow for a big tempo swing to force round 1. Additionally I think the muster effect is especially strong in Nilfgaard because you’re not as encouraged to play them all during round 1 in fear of drawing duplicates. Nilfgaard can just use their redraw on them if necessary.

    – Myrgtabrakke, Dimeritium Bomb and Sweers are were there to replace Witchers vs consume monsters. I wish I had added an additional silver because I ran into some weather monsters late in the tournament, against which witchers are mediocre, but Sweers is also not great.
    – Biting Frost was there mostly for Dwarves, which I didn’t see all tournament. In the tournament setting I’d replace the medic with it. And then also remove 1 Knight for 1 Impera Enforcer to be slightly less melee row heavy. Witchers look like a lot of melee cards, but you only play them in 1 round so you an usually navigate around Frost if you play well (which I didn’t in 1 of the later rounds, spoilers :p)
    – Ciri is card advantage, which is key in many matchups to get insane Cahir value round 3. but I swapped her out vs Scoia’Tael in favor of Yennefer Conjurer because I’m likely to lose card advantage anyway. More importantly I swapped her out vs Skellige for Geralt: Igni because you really don’t care if Brann uses his leader ability twice. The second one is useless anyway.
    – Lacerate is self explanatory replacement for Alzur’s Thunder vs Monsters. I’m still not certain which I prefer vs Dwarves, Thunder removes a sticky defender which is great. But Lacerate get’s insane value vs a full melee row. I think I ended up running 2 lacerate and 1 thunder in my Scoia’Tael game.


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