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here is a link to a newer version of the deck on gwentdb with Morvan Voorhis


This deck is designed to do 1 thing, to steal your opponents largest strength values and add it to your own with deck thinning and 2 main combos that can be combined into a much safer and stronger combo. this is a very high skill ceiling deck


the combo you want to use during the first round to force a loss is toss out your Yennifer and use it to preferably to summon the unicorn, because you dont want any other 1 strength monsters on the field, then you play Beckers Twisted Mirror most decks have a single creature that is large and this combo will give the opponent insane deficits to make up


the second round combo that is much easier to see comming but even stronger is using your letho to eat as much of your opponents strength as you can, then dimiterium shackle your Letho bringing him to a silver and allowing you to use john calviet on him, ideally this is all right after using operater on your canterella and giving them 2 that you can steal, and giving them a bunk card more or less.


now sometimes the first round is an easy win with just using your deck thinning and making fairly large impera brigades and rot tossers, and lets not forget the turn 1 yen con, leaving all of your combo pieces in your hand during the 2nd or last round, you can beef everyone up with yennifers unicorn and eat them with letho, making for certain you have the lowest strength via unicorn and they have the highest with letho before you use Beckers Twisted Mirror, this switch happens beteen 2 golds so is pretty difficult to counter


so far i haven not seen anyone use these cards in this way, let me know what you think and if you saw and obvious improvements 

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