Tuirseach Veterans and Movement (Update hurts visually and mechanically)


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EDIT: This update hits this deck hard. Battle maidens can no longer target Veterans, Sigrdrifa can no longer target Draig Bon-Dhu, the Tuirseach Veteran ability is gone so they no longer strengthen by one after each round. The Update also looks and performs terribly, frames are terribly low and the new visual effects are decent but too over the top. I miss the simplistic approach they had previously. 


Ugh. Might scrap this pos deck now






My favorite deck currently, very strong 3rd round and responds well to scorch/gigni. 

Bronze Cards: 3 Tuirseach Veterans are vital and irreplaceable to this deck, you want at least two (or one and a Battle Maiden) in your starting hand, but it’s preferred to have all 3 played round one. They strengthen almost half your deck by 1 with each play of their card. 

3 Tuirseach Skirmishers for huge round 3 potential and a valuable round 1 and 2 play. Play your Veterans first and you have a 10 or 11 point bronze to discard with Lugos. Depending on your opening hand you can cycle one Skirmisher back and forth from your graveyard strengthening it each time, or you can have 2 staggered Skirmishers ready to be pulled for a very strong round three finisher. 

3 Preistesses of Freya for resurrections. Vital. 

2 Heymaey Battle Maidens to pull a much needed Veteran, Skirmisher, or Harpooner from your deck if you got a poor opening hand. Very valuable card, but needs to be played early to ensure you get their value, you don’t want these late game with a thinned deck. 

2 Harpooners for lining up a juicy lacerate, setting up Gigni, and for knocking Iris off the board. Can also be a Lugos discard option if you have no Skirmishers in your deck. 

1 An Craite Raider to be discarded with King Bran.

1 Lacerate for big money swipes. Kills Iris and synergizes with Harpooners. 

Silver Cards: We’ll start with the card I wish I didn’t run in this deck, Iris. She’s great value, but a bit of a cheese play and you cannot get her value in one move like you can with some other decks (Nilfgaard in particular) leaving your opponent with one round to come up with an answer (Lock, Decoy, Artifact Compression). That being said, this deck needs a high value play like her. She’s not necessary, but optimal. 

Moving on to another card you could possibly switch for another. Donar An Hindar. Having a lock is very valuable, and his unique ability to move a card from your opponents graveyard to yours is respectable. This deck can be hard countered by a smart Nilfgaard Spies player, as they’re likely to recognize your tactics and pull a Skirmisher for their own use. The Grave hate does have offensive capacities though, denying a Shani resurrection comes to mind. 

Morkvarg for the carryover. Nothing else to say. Could be dropped for Olgierd or ran in tandem with Olgierd if that’s how you like to roll.

Draig Bon-Dhu gives good value over the course of the game. Can be pulled twice with Sigrdrifa for even more Skirmisher value. All-in-all you could drop this card, there are better choices. I run him because the idea behind his effectiveness is rock solid, strengthening the dead heroes he sings of. 

Svanrige to help re-adjust a bad card draw, can be a high point value card in itself, reaching 12 power regularly by the 3rd round. Can discard a Skirmisher for good effect as Svanrige will have equal power to a Skirmisher, and the Skirmisher needs to be in your graveyard anyway. With Sigrdrifa in hand you can discard a silver unit safely, knowing you can still get its value with her resurrection.

Sigrdrifa is a valuable ressurrect capable of pulling any bronze or silver unit out of your graveyard. Works well with Draig Bon-Dhu as mentioned earlier to strengthen your Skirmishers even further, as long as you have priestesses to still pull them. 

Gold Cards: Madman Lugos chooses a Bronze unit, discards it, and damages an enemy by its base power. Use with Skirmishers for up to a 12 point removal, or to get a needed Harpooner into your graveyard to resurrect it, with 8 points of removal it’s still a good choice. 

Coral is such a valuable card for this deck. Can really diminish an opponents confidence if you remove two engine cards back to back with Lugos and Coral. Valuable removal. 

Muzzle is optional, but meta. A 16 point swing on an 8 power unit, and can far exceed that value when used on high priority engine cards. 

Gigni can be switched out for Wolfsbane if that’s how you want to play this deck, both are good options but I much prefer the removal option to the BaMbOoZlEd effect of Wolfsbane. Can line up good Gignis with Harpooners. 

Leader Card: Choose 3 cards to discard and strengthen them by 1. I choose Morkvarg, An Craite Raider, and 1 Skirmisher. These picks can be switched out for whatever you like, I prefer to pick a Skirmisher so it staggers it’s point value from the other Skirmishers. Allowing me to play around Gigni and Scorch in round 3. 

Round 1: Blacklist Clan An Craite Raider, Morkvarg, and duplicate Skirmishers. I only want one Skirmisher in my starting hand, one discarded by Bran, and the third reserved for Lugos. You want all three Veterans ready to be played in round one, 1 Veteran in hand with both Battle Maidens works, or vice versa. If Iris is in hand make sure you have an option for killing her. Lacerate is preferred but Harpooners do the job as well, Lugos can eliminate Iris too, but I’d prefer to use him for other removal options. If you have no way of killing Iris, mulligan her. I want at least 2 resurrection options be it Sigrdrifa and a Preistess or two preistesses, mulligan any extra but keep Sigrdrifa. 

Play all your veterans first, followed by Bran and your carry-over. Or play Bran earlier if your opponent is making very high tempo plays and pass at card advantage. 

If you’re keeping up with your opponent you can resurrect the Skirmisher you discarded with Bran to start Strengthening it early. 

Round 2: Depending on how the previous round went, make the best plays according to your situation. If you’re reading this review you are competent enough to not need a step by step playbook of how a match should typically go. React to the changing board. 

Round 3: This is where Skirmishers shine. This deck has an almost unparalleled round 3. Easy to get your Skirmishers to very high point values, which will almost automatically win you the game if both players are down to their final 2 or 3 cards. 

Good luck. 

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