Weather Control (updated)


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Edit: this is not the original deck. This one contains changes I found more effective against higher ranks/ added once I acquired additional scrap. I’ll post the original deck seperately.

As the title suggests, this deck’s biggest strength is it’s ability to control the pace of the game through the weather. If used correctly, you’ll be forcing your opponent to have to constantly react to your moves, making it very difficult for them to mount an offensive of their own.

Unit Strategies:

– Make sure you use your Wild Hunt Riders, and Foglets in round 1 (so you don’t end up drawing them later and wasting a draw), and get rid of all Foglets, and any duplicates of the Riders from your hand during the mulligan phase.

– Using Renew allows you to summon Yennefer or Caretaker twice, which, needless to say, can be devastating for opponents, especially if they have no way of dealing with Yennefer. Do note that Renew can not  summon Rag Nar Roog since it’s not a “unit card”.

– Playing Nithral early is a bit risky as most players will use Alzur’s Thunder or Scorch to get rid of it immediately. If they have no means of dealing with it though, following him up with  Riders will reek havoc  on the opposing side of the board. 

– One major strength of this deck is that almost all cards are weather resistant, therefore there’s no need to hesitate before summoning a weather effect. When looking to summon frost, make sure you play the Ice Giant first, as it will gain an extra 5 strength. Like Nithral, many players attempt to destroy Ice Giant quickly.

– Use drowners to move strong enemy units to the Siege row. Following that up with a Water Hag/ rain effect and a Wild Hunt Warrior, is a great way to disrupt enemy strategy  and deal an immense blow to their strength, especially if it’s a card that that player is building around (Mahakam Defender for example).

– Old Speartip and Yennefer are  excellent cards that only become more problematic for your opponents the longer a round goes on. Playing these at the start of round 2 or 3 will give you a huge advantage, and will sometimes lead to your opponent passing immediately. Yes, Speartip is not weather immune, but his ability to destroy enemy units under the influence of weather, while also buffing units on your side is what makes him a very valuable card. Also be sure to use Alzur’s Thunder to get rid of any high strength opposing units that could become a problem for you.

– Try to save Dagon and Rag Nar Roog  as long as possible, as they allow for more flexibility then any other weather summon, as they are able to affect whichever row you need them to. Try to keep a few other weather effect cards  in your hand, so if you wont be out of luck if your opponent has a Clear Weather card.

– Use Caretaker wisely. It’s a very underrated card that can be very powerful if used properly. You can even possible to use the Dimeritium on an opposing gold unit, and either destroy it, or wait ti’ll next round, then summon it back on your side (it’s possible in theory to have 2 Yennefers active at once!). It can also be used simply to remove a powerful card from your opponents arsenal (Pavetta, Tuirsech Axemen etc…)

 Notice how this build gives you 5 chances to summon  rain and frost, and 4 chances to summon fog:

– Dagon+Rag Nar Roog+ Aeromancy (all)+ Water hag, Merigold’s Hailstorm (rain)+ , Impenetrable Fog (fog)+ Merigold’s Hailstorm, Biting Frost (frost)

–  Having at least 2 ways to summon each in your hand at any given time makes it far more difficult for an opposing player to deal with you. If they remove the effect, or buff their units to try and power through it, having the ability to nullify that effort in 1 move can be quite demoralizing.


Usage: Personally, I found this deck, highly effective against Scoia’tel, Skellige,most Nilfgaard decks, and strength based Monsters decks. It’s not quite as effective against Northern Realms due to it’s ability to convert units to gold and nullify your weather advantage. If playing against them, make sure you have plenty of strength removing units in your hand (Nithral, Speartip, etc..) and destroy enemy units as quick as possible. Also, against other Monsters decks playing a similar strategy, it basically just comes down to who gets the better hand / draws since it only takes a bit of practice to get the strategies of this deck down pat.


Substitutions: Just a couple possible modifications that I have/plan to experiment with

 Speartip can easily be replaced with Iris or Myrgtabrakke. They aren’t quite as deadly over extended durations, but are far less likely to have their effects nullified since their abilities trigger much faster, and under fewer conditions.

Frightener is a pretty good card for this deck, but isn’t weather immune and will take up one of your silver slots, Sarah has a faster acting version of the same ability and is weather immune, therefore  is a better option if you’re looking to replace a silver.

Swapping out 1 Drowner for Thunderbolt is a decent option if you use it on your Riders or Foglets

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One thought on “Weather Control (updated)

  1. wessel mosch
    March 8, 2017 at 3:34 pm

    nice deck, i also play weather control but i run sarah, rag na rook and 2 ancient foglets.


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