Wounding/Axeman Skellige Mix

Power Totals



-- 3,640

A mixture of wounding & axeman Skellige. This Deck has worked quite well in ranked 6/7/8 matches, main weakness is not having any first light cards against monster decks so the use of axeman have to be used wisely, apart from that had a lot of fun with the deck. Having 4 Clan Warriors & Warcry can be a nice power boost working along side the Axeman with wounding cards can get you quite a high score. Using Sigrdrifa to revive Blueboy Lugos & have him in 2 rounds is real handy for wounding & will cause your opponent to spend cards to deal with this. Yen/Geralt/Roach help get points on the board & bully a round, Zoltan works well to either boost your Clan Warriors after you have done a Warcry or damage an opponent s row & add to your axeman. The use of 2 tactics has blended quite well & makes the other player spend cards to deal with them both. 

The Deck isn’t perfect but getting dealt the right cards u can get some really good points on the board. 10 ranked matches got me 7 wins, so 70% isn’t that bad (2 losses against monsters & one against Skellige). Switching out 1 or 2 cards for first light cards may help against monster decks…..Try out the deck see what you think & see if any tweaks make it stronger.

Have fun!!!

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