The Seven Cats Brawl #1 – Decklists and Summary

The first edition of The Seven Cats Brawl concluded yesterday, and we are happy to present you decklists of top3 players from tournament and some statistics regarding tournament as well.

Tonight at 10 pm CET live commentary of final games will start. You can watch it here.

For the time being congratulations to all players who managed to get to top3, and thank you everyone who showed up on tournament.

Our top3 is: Sloon, Vayshhh and Oviyotro, and below you can see their decks.

We had 76 players participating, and we got some interesting statistics to show.

First let’s look at faction distribution:

Total amount of decks was 152, every player was required to bring two different factions with him to the tournament. Out of 76 players just over half of them (52%) brought Monsters, considered currently the most powerful deck of the meta, but very close behind were Skellige and Niilfgard (40% and 44% respectively). We can see that diversity between decks is very good, and meta is much more healthy than expected.

But Skellige has 100% show in top3 decklists and was considered the most powerful contender. The most popular decklist was Discard Skellige feat. Ciri: Dash – all three top finishing players had those with them which shows that it is indeed a force to be reckon with.

Another worthwhile note is that two different Monster decks made it to top3 cut – one was Consume, as expected, and the other was Weather Control, which is recently more and more popular.

Interesting choice is Niilfgard. Personally I am very happy to see Sloon bring one of those decks to top3. Niilfgard Control is deck targeting Consume Monsters majority of the time, that’s why I think many players brought it to tournament this time (it topped Skellige by small margin). But unfortunately I think the players were in majority unlucky and got knocked out to Lower Brackets very quickly and then Monster players probably banned Niilfgard straight away.

Before I will go over those statistics, I want to explain my reasoning: if I went for most popular cards showing up, I would probably end up with cards from Monster faction as it is the most popular faction, I wanted to avoid that, and rather give an idea of what were the most popular utility cards from neutral faction, that players decided to bring in today. I did not include all the cards used only those most popular – we had 2 people using Ragh Naar Rok i.e. Majority of gold and silver cards were used in tournament, but I decided to only concentrate on those that are neutral.

Let’s start with gold cards:


First thing that we can notice is that Geralt: Igni absolutely dominates both charts – 35% decks used it in their main deck and 26% used it in sideboard, which gives a total of 60% of decks were using throughout the tournament. It is very powerful card, that cannot find a stable please in every main deck unfortunately. It is very powerful card that is going to show up very often, so it’s good to take it into consideration as you play, either in tournament or on ladder.

Ciri is a brilliant card that can force your opponent to play more cards on board and you can just gain one of your cards back. She had a very stable position in main deck (36%) but much weaker in sideboard (barely 12%). It’s very good opening card and I am not surprised that so many players play it in main deck. I am still looking for reasoning of siding it, and only thing I could find is that usually you are fairly aggressive and take the round, but if you match against something that is potentially as explosive or more you might want to throw Ciri in to taunt your opponent into playing more cards.


And last card I want to talk about is Yennefer: Conjurer. She was a very strong Gold card Used around 22% of the time in both main deck and sideboard, just under half of decks played her. She is powerful card, mostly against decks that play lots of units – i.e. Consume Monsters in r2-3 when they spam with Nekkers. Yennefer can gain enormous amount of value in such situation. Or she can force your opponent to slow down and play around her, by changing their usual game style.

Now onto the silver cards. Here I will have two separate charts for main deck: Units and Special Cards.

The two most popular cards shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone who played for last couple of weeks on ladder. Diemritium Bomb which was used in 49% main decks and 21% sideboards adds up to dominating 70% show rate. And it is to no surprise as Consume Monster is very powerful and Dimeritium Bomb is the best and most flexible counter against that deck, that every single deck can play for cost of 1 silver slot.

Roach was the most popular Silver Unit played in tournament this weekend, at 40% main decks. Roach is a great deck thinning card that pairs very well with any Gold card. It comes back every time new Gold card shows up on your side of the field (including opposing Spy Units) and it’s at least 3 STR Unit every time (in case of Skellige it can go up to 5 STR on faction trait only).

King of Beggars and Witcher Trio (Vesemir, Eskel and Lambert) are very powerful deck thinning engine. Although Witchers were primarily used in Scoia’teal decks there was couple of Niilfgard decks that wanted to use that additional power and deck thinning they provide. And King of Beggars was very popular in Skellige, to get Priestess of Freya, and of course in Northern Realms to pull that Priscilla straight for more deck-thinning.

Aeromancy became quite interesting tech card for many decks. It is very versatile and if you can pilot your deck towards avoiding one row altogether then this card can be devastating tool against your opponent. Even if you don’t avoid chosen row entirely, if you can hit more units on your opponent side you are most likely getting ahead.


I was quite surprised seeing so many Decoys, especially in Niilfgard and Monster decks. Of course deck that was using it the most was Scoia’teal with Hawker Healer for huge boost to one row, but nevertheless – this card seen some interesting uses during this tournament and it is something worth looking into.

Now for the Silver side deck cards:

Here we can see more of Dimeritium Bomb and Aeromancy – both perfect choices for biggest contester Consume Monster. Cleaver is also seeing lots of sideboard play, as it is neutral unit that can lock one of your opponents non-Gold unit. It is very useful against decks like Scoia’teal, to make sure nothing too powerful stays on the board with its Resilient ability.

Decoy surprised me once again being in side deck, but after a moment I understood the reasoning here: it is response to Cow Carcass. Card that usually is very hard to react too, if played at wrong time, can be easily turned against your opponent by returning it to hand and playing it on your opponent’s side of field.


Myrgtabrakke has very similar reasoning, but it can also be used as pure removal for Unit with STR 5 or less or it can set up field for Yennefer: Conjurer. Very versatile card indeed.

Thank you everyone who supported The Seven Cats Brawl #1:
Organizers for their hard work on tournament, sponsors for making it possible to happen, and of course our lovely players that showed up and played in this amazing event !

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