What Does Shoop Say?

Shoop has all sorts of great sayings and sounds. I have attempted to transcribe each of the 78 sound files for Shoop. Forgive any mistakes.

  1. Human in shop, Shoop in shop.
  2. Customer right always.
  3. Cheapest Barrels in ugh.. this land. (not sure on this one)
  4. Gwenty cards, lots, all kinds.
  5. Prices for humans of all walks.
  6. Humans smartest, human barrel buy (credit: Komaka on Reddit)
  7. Human take time, Shoop just stand here.
  8. Human soup soup eat, yum yum, Elfy soup.
  9. Shoop leave pot on burning rocks maybe.
  10. Hey! Barrel buy man, time is glitter rocks! (credit: smotp on YouTube)
  11. Shoop not have all day, Shoop must stack glitter rocks. (not sure if saying glitter rocks or not)
  12. Glitter rocks good, but Gwenty cards goodest. (not sure if saying glitter rocks or not)
  13. Such Wow Wows not fine no place, no how.
  14. Goodest cards you get, Human deserve it.
  15. Goodest good Shoop got, most goodest.
  16. Shoop do all for human who come in shop.
  17. Done Done.
  18. Shoop want human come back, glitter rocks bring.
  19. Whooo, pretty Gwenty card.
  20. Shoop put big heart into create.
  21. Mmm. Warm still.
  22. So? Human likey?
  23. Ooh, we make smash smash?
  24. Yep Yep Yep. Must smash smash, Shoop show.
  25. Shoop want to see what wow wow inside.
  26. uhh, but…
  27. ahh. No fairsies.
  28. Cracky Crack
  29. Crack Smash
  30. Mash Bash, Me barrel thrash.
  31. No idea on this one.
  32. Whack bang wow that me know how.
  33. Wham bang smash, barrel now is trash.
  34.  Just a noise.
  35. Fail Whistle.
  36. Fail Whistle.
  37. Decent Whistle and celebration.
  38. Fart and laugh.
  39. Wet Fart.
  40. Burp.
  41. Noises.
  42. Noises.
  43. Fly more high, like a griffin.
  44. Po po po po Pokerock, po po Pokerock?
  45. Lengenday
  46. Movie card. I assume that means, moving card, meaning premium.
  47. Oooh. Shiny.
  48. Raresies.
  49. Epic Pack.
  50. oooh.
  51. Weh, ooooh.
  52. Ooooh, wow wow.
  53. Goodie.
  54. Nice.
  55. Wow!
  56. Ahhh.
  57. Ahhuh.
  58. Yep Yup Yup.
  59. Yaaa.
  60. Oh ya, goodie good.
  61. Smart human choose good.
  62. Hmmmm.
  63. Whooo.. Goodie wow.
  64.  Ohh. Now.
  65. No good.
  66. Uh Oh.
  67. Make Smash Smash?
  68. Shoop smash now?
  69. Now for more.
  70. More Gwenty cards.
  71. More!
  72. dum dum dum.
  73. No rush human friend, take time.
  74. la la la la
  75. Ahoy hoy human friend.
  76. Ahhhhh Welcome.
  77. Ta da.
  78. ah ha ha, BOOM.

There are tons of these that I don’t recall ever hearing in game. I can only assume that there will eventually be triggers for some of the sounds. For instance, the ones that refer to card rarity. When you pull a legendary, #45 will most likely play. This was super fun to put together and I will update this list as I figure out some that I couldn’t understand or that I transcribed improperly.

What’s your favorite Shoop saying?

I think my favorite is “Human in shop, Shoop in shop” but there are so many great ones.


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2 thoughts on “What Does Shoop Say?

  1. Bibi01
    July 25, 2017 at 2:11 pm

    Thanks for making the effort! Some alternative suggestions based on what I hear:

    3. Cheapestly barrels in … ugh … this land.
    4. Prices for humans of all rocks. (I assume he means possession of glitter-rocks, rich or poor.)
    6. Human smart is. Human barrel buy.
    25. Shoop want see what wow-wow inside?

  2. Dgthunderer
    May 26, 2017 at 9:32 pm

    So many good lines! I’ve always loved line 10. 58 and the or lines from increasing our decreasing the amount of barrels you are going to buy are fun too.

    I’ve not heard lines 32 & 33 before which makes me sad. They are clearly a reference to Tolkien’s “Down in Goblin Town” poem which is song by the goblin King in The Hobbit. I love how CDPR works references like these into their games!


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