Gwent Beta Livestream Information & Images

If you weren’t able to catch the livestream or are looking for some of the new information shared during it, I’m listing a bunch of it below. If you want to watch the full stream check out the video here.

General Changes/Improvements

  • Card art has been upgraded, check out the screenshots below.
  • You can now see the tokens that particular cards spawn in the card viewer (check screenshots).
  • They’ve added card types such as, Mage, Witcher, Vampire, Dragon, etc.
  • Card Draw Mechanic: Second Round – 2 Cards drawn, Third Round – 1 Card drawn.
  • Each card has its own voice and talks when summoned.
  • There’s three different resources: Ore (to purchase packs, maybe more?), Scraps (used to craft cards), Kegs (card packs)
  • Disloyal cards are played on your opponent’s side of the board.

Gwent Closed Beta Livestream Questions & Answers

Keep in mind that I’m paraphrasing the responses.

When will Beta keys be sent out?

October 25th, 2016 at around 10 AM PDT for the first wave.

Will there be Cut Scenes in the game?

There will be comic book style cut scenes in Single Player much like Witcher 3.

Will discarding cards be random or chosen?

A card like SvanrigeVeteran 1. Deploy: Draw the top card from your Deck, then Discard a card from your Hand. will allow you to choose which card you discard. You can combine this with a card like Clan an Craite RaiderWhenever this Unit is Discarded, Resurrect it immediately..

Who created the music for Gwent?

The same person who did the music for Witcher 3: Marcin Przybyłowicz.

When will Nilfgaard be in the game?

Nilfgaard is coming (no date or timeframe given). They are testing mechanics on revealing cards, they will have units that can view cards from your opponent’s hand/deck. There will be units that get stronger based on how many cards have been revealed.

Is there a tutorial in the game?

Yes, when you start the game you’ll be able to play it.

What cards will be unlocked when you start the Closed Beta?

When you first login to the game you’ll only have the starter cards. You’ll have a deck for each faction, one leader per faction, and quite a few cards to tweak the decks you’ve been given. Scoia’tael will start with FrancescaDoomed, Stubborn. Deploy: You may Mulligan a card, but choose any card from your Deck to replace it. If the replacement card's a Unit, Boost it by 3. Then shuffle your Deck. as a leader.

Will Ranked mode be in the Closed Beta?

Ranked Mode is coming, but it won’t be in the Closed Beta right away.

How do you earn new cards in game?

You can purchase them card packs or earn Ore “ingame currency” and use that to get “Kegs” of cards. You can also craft cards with the crafting resource.

Is the Prize Winning Cow still in the game?

Yes, she’s still in the game (with minor stat changes): Prize Winning Cow.

How will you deal with potentially running out of characters in the Witcher universe?

It sounds like they will duplicate a lot of characters that are already in the game, e.g., GeraltNo ability.Geralt: IgniDeploy: Destroy all the Highest Units on the opposite row if that row totals 25 or more Power..

If both players are Scoia’tael how does the choose who goes first work?

It’s randomly chosen.

How can you communicate with other players in the game?

There’s currently no chat in closed beta, and there’s no way to communicate with other players via the game.

Can you edit your Deck Name?


Do traps work against Gold Cards?


What do the Account Levels do?

You gain experience by playing and for every level you gain you get a reward.

Check out the screenshots after the jump! 

Gwent Closed Beta Screenshots

New Card: Fireball Trap
New Visible Tokens
New Gold Art - Ermion
New Gold Card Art – Ermion
New Silver Card Art – Operator
New Copper Card Art - Young Berserker
New Bronze Card Art – Young Berserker

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