Gwent Closed Beta 0.8.16 Patch Notes

Here are the new Gwent Closed Beta 0.8.16 patch notes! There will be the very sought after nerfs to the EredinDoomed, Stubborn. Deploy: Spawn a Bronze Wild Hunt Unit. leader ability which would summon a gold 10 strength Eredin token which will now be Silver and immune to Frost. This allows for the unit to be interacted with more easily.

Gameplay – Card Strength / Abilities Changes

Game Fixes

  • Fixed issue whereby the game would crash on some PCs while opening Card Kegs.
  • Fixed issue whereby losing Internet connection while selecting a Rare card from an opened Card Keg would block users from entering the Shop upon reconnection.
  • Fixed issue whereby the player would not get a reward after leveling up.
  • Fixed some issues involving infinite loading screens.
  • Game stability after suffering from connection losses has been improved.
  • Fixed minor Russian language issues.
  • Fixed several font issues in Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Fixed issue whereby your counterpart would lose input when entering Deck Builder after you canceled a Friend Match.
  • Fixed issue whereby using a card received as a reward in a deck in multiplayer required a restart in order to save the deck.
  • Fixed performance drops when browsing through lots of cards in a graveyard.
  • Fixed issue whereby mashing buttons would lead to input loss.
  • Fixed several issues in the Tutorials.
  • Fixed issue whereby “Mill Spare Cards Failure” pop-up persisted on screen after attempting to mill while disconnected.
  • Milling cards using the keyboard is now possible.
  • Improved selection highlights.
  • Fixed various typos in all languages.
  • Fixed issue whereby viewing a graveyard from which a Ghoul is currently consuming a unit would desynchronize the game.
  • Fixed issue whereby registering the Keg received after finishing the Tutorial in some users’ accounts would result in an error and directions to contact support.

Game Polishes


2 thoughts on “Gwent Closed Beta 0.8.16 Patch Notes

  1. Vincent
    November 19, 2016 at 2:40 pm

    When adrenaline is used on a character in the monster faction I think it should stay in the board along with another card. More times than not the monsters deck perk will select the card that I placed adrenaline on to stay into the next round.

  2. Irbis691
    November 16, 2016 at 6:58 pm

    Philippa nerf is to much. 1) Increasing strength to 12 is ok; 2) About “No longer affects Gold cards” no so sure but let it be also ok; 3) But make it disloyal only is a mistake. Give to the players the opportunity to play these 12 forces for yourself. Current version is useful in very small numbers of situations and not playable. IMHO


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