Gwent Patch 0.8.16 Overview

The new Gwent patch just went live, so I’m going to display some of the new things you might not know about yet right here in this post!

Keg Choice Change


You now can see at a glance which cards you own before you pick when opening a Keg!

Icon Updates


It looks like they’ve punched up some of the icons, and changed the Scraps icon.

Leader’s Changed to Epic


The rarity of leaders has been changed to epic. If you owned any ones you weren’t given originally, you’ll notice that you’ve gained some Scrap (600 for each). This change makes it easier to create leaders and makes them more likely to show up in Kegs.

Philippa Eilhart Nerfed


Philippa used to have 6 attack and set the strength of ALL other (including Gold) units on the row to 1. She’s now been tempered down a bit and looks like above.

There were a lot more changes as well, check out the full patch notes here.

One thought on “Gwent Patch 0.8.16 Overview

  1. Matt77hias
    November 17, 2016 at 8:09 pm

    It is nice you get some extra scraps (e.g. 600) which makes crafting a single 800-scraps-card very attractive. But still, I have some mixed feelings about these 800-scraps-cards. It takes a long time till you are able to craft only one of them and if by any chance you obtain the card via a card keg milling the spare one returns only 200 scraps. A small chance, but a high risk in my opinion.


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