Gwent Official Patch Notes for Patch 0.8.25

Here are the official patch notes for Gwent Patch 0.8.25.

The second patch for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game is coming soon to PC and XBOX ONE!

Full list of changes:

Gameplay – card Strength / abilities changes:

  • Revamped Clear Skies: it is now called First Light and lets you choose to either remove all Weather effects or play a random Bronze unit from your deck.
  • Dagon can now choose to spawn First Light (the new version of Clear Skies).
  • Drowner strength changed from 7 to 5.
  • Drowner is now immune to Rain.
  • New Drowner ability: Move a non-Gold opposing unit to the enemy’s Siege row.
  • Field Marshal Duda strength changed from 1 to 3 (both forms).
  • Mahakam Defender strength changed from 3 to 4.
  • Mahakam Guard strength changed from 3 to 4.
  • Mahakam Guard now increases non-Dwarf strength by 3 and Dwarf strength by 5.
  • Added Frost Immunity to Mahakam Guard.
  • Botchling now stays on the board for only one round.
  • Nithral damage changed from 1 to 2.
  • Ocvist countdown changed from 5 turns to 4.
  • Added “Vampire” category to Regis: Vampire Form.
  • Myrgtabrakke now deals 3, 2 and 1 damage instead of 2, 1, 1.
  • Myrgtabrakke strength changed from 5 to 4.
  • Ekimmara can no longer consume unrevealed Ambush cards.
  • Hemdall now destroys his Kambi and removes all Weather effects.
  • Players can now choose on which row to place Agile units summoned by Reinforcements.
  • “Harald now deals 3 damage to opposing weakened units and 2 damage to all other opposing units.
  • Harald can also damage Gold units”
  • Harald no longer damages unrevealed cards.
  • Aglais strength changed from 7 to 5.
  • Barclay Els ability now affects Gold Dwarf cards.
  • Geralt: Igni now requires opposing row total 20 strength instead of 15.
  • Morkvarg strength changed from 5 to 6.
  • Ciri strength changed from 8 to 6.
  • Birna Bran strength changed from 9 to 8.
  • Birna Bran now draws 3 cards instead of 4.
  • Young Bear now gains +1 strength if first appearing in Round 2 and +2 strength if first appearing in Round 3.
  • Ele’yas strength changed from 3 to 4.
  • Aelirenn ability changed to: Add +1 to all Elves, play from deck when 5 or more Elves are on your side.
  • Griffin can now also move a Special Card from your opponent’s graveyard, not just units.
  • Change to Weather: If a Gold unit on a row with Weather is converted to Silver/Bronze, its power is reduced to 1 (unless it is immune to that Weather effect).
  • Caranthir is now immune to Frost.
  • Imlerith is now immune to Frost.
  • Woodland Spirit is now immune to Fog.
  • Lord of Undvik is now immune to Frost.
  • Units with 0 health shouldn’t activate in most situations.
  • Stammelford’s Tremors now deals 2 damage to both sides of the board.
  • Hawker Healer strength changed from 1 to 2.
  • Commander’s Horn now removed from the game after playing.
  • “Roach is no longer played from your hand when a Gold card is played.”
  • Roach is only played when her owner plays a Gold card.
  • Shani strength changed from 4 to 3.
  • Odrin strength changed from 5 to 4.
  • Prince Stennis strength changed from 7 to 8.
  • Priscilla strength changed from 1 to 2.
  • Reinforced Trebuchet damage changed from 1 to 2.
  • Reniforced Trebuchet countdown changed from 2 to 3.
  • Reinforced Ballista strength changed from 4 to 6.
  • Trebuchet strength changed from 3 to 4.
  • Gaunter O’Dimm strength changed from 5 to 6.
  • Golem strength changed from 5 to 6.
  • Wild Hunt Warrior strength changed from 4 to 5.
  • Radovid damage changed from 10 to 8.
  • Ermion strength changed from 7 to 6.
  • Draig Bon Dhu strength changed from 2 to 4.
  • Draig Bon Dhu now adds 1 to base strength of units in the graveyard, instead of adding 2 to current strength.
  • Nithral strength changed from 7 to 6.
  • Hawker Support strength changed from 2 to 3.
  • Hawker Support ability only triggers with loyal special cards.
  • Hawker Support ability now only triggers once from Aeromancy.
  • Hawker Support is now properly affected by Weather.
  • Vrihedd Vanguard strength changed from 4 to 6.
  • Vrihedd Brigade strength changed from 7 to 8.
  • Clan Dimun Pirate Captain strength changed from 1 to 3.
  • Clan Dimun Pirate Captain buff changed from 3 to 2.
  • War Longship strength changed from 3 to 5.
  • Savage Bear strength changed from 5 to 3.
  • Zoltan: Animal Tamer strength changed from 7 to 6.
  • Isengrim now spawns 2 Commando Neophytes each time you play a Special Card.
  • King Bran now gives +2 base strength to any units he discards.
  • Dandelion ability changed, now adds +2 strength to non-Gold units when they appear on the board.
  • Dandelion strength changed from 1 to 4.
  • Monsters faction ability no longer targets Resilient units.
  • Skjall is now Agile.
  • “Promotion” changes: converting units to Gold no longer sets current strength as new base strength. Also, the unit will revert from Gold to its original color when destroyed or at the end of the current round. Upon entering the graveyard both gold status and all buffs are removed.
  • Spawned copies of units or units spawned by other units are now always placed on the same row as the base unit.
  • Philippa strength changed from 12 to 10.
  • Weather change: if a unit is moved out of Weather, its strength changes according to Clear Weather rules.
  • Copies spawned on a row affected by Weather now have their strength reduced.
  • Dwarven Mercenary’s strength changed from 2 to 3.
  • Changed rarity of Wolves, Eredin and Wild Hunt Minion to Epic.
  • Redanian Elite buff removed due to technical issues, strength changed from 4 to 6.
  • Added new “Relentless” category — units in this category cannot be moved from the board to a player’s hand (e.g. by using Decoy, Eithne or Milva).
  • Operator and Regis are now Relentless.
  • Operator is now banished when destroyed.
  • Johnny is now Relentless and is removed from the game when destroyed.
  • Johnny now never returns the exact same card.
  • Ancient Foglet now correctly dies before getting buffed when strength is 0 at the end of the turn.
  • Caretaker “Medic” category removed.
  • Decoy and Nature’s Gift are now banished after being played.
  • Earth Elemental now spawns 3 Small Elementals upon being removed.
  • Margaritta and Ves are now properly counted towards units promoted.
  • Milva can no longer target herself when Silver.
  • Sabrina now only triggers upon entering the graveyard.
  • Savage Bear now properly destroys cards before they trigger their abilities.
  • Spectral Whale now immune to all Weather.
  • Dun Banner Heavy Cavalry strength changed from 4 to 5 and their promotion will trigger before Borkh’s Scorch.
  • Priorities of numerous abilities were changed to make them feel correct.
  • “Medic” category is now known as “Permadeath”. “Permadeath” units cannot be ressurected.
  • Nenneke, Shani and Lubberkin now in the “Permadeath” category.
  • Siege Towers will no longer buff themselves at 0 health in certain situations.
  • Restoration now adds +2 to base strength of a unit in the graveyard before the unit is ressurected.
  • Reanimated Craven has a higher ability priority.
  • Added a 2 turn timer to Madman Lugos’ ability.
  • War Longship now recognizes Morkvarg being discarded properly.
  • Clan Dimun Pirate Captain now recognizes Clan An Craite Raider being discarded properly.
  • War Longship now recognizes Clan An Craite Raider being discarded properly.
  • Vrihedd Sapper should no longer trigger its ability at 0 strength.
  • Added a 2 turn timer to Gavehag’s ability.
  • Gravehag strength changed from 1 to 2.
  • Elven Wardancer strength changed from 2 to 4.
  • Clan Tordarroch Shieldsmith strength changed from 4 to 5.

Game fixes:

  • Fixed an issue whereby the game would fall out of sync when the Scoia’tael faction ability timed out between rounds.
  • Added UI scaling option for XBOX ONE.
  • Fixed an issue whereby Fireball Trap would spawn only one Commando Neophyte instead of 2 when unit was destroyed and didn’t spawn anything when damaged unit survived.
  • Fixed an issue whereby the “Hide Cards” button caused one of the cards to be redrawn rather than all cards to be hidden.
  • It’s now possible to scroll through the Main Menu options.
  • “Cancel” button after playing a card with targeting ability removed from the UI.
  • Visual effects will no longer provide clues about the cards in your opponent’s hand/graveyard.
  • Fixed issue whereby the game would become blocked under certain circumstances while in the Deck Builder.
  • Fixed issue whereby Commander’s Horn would sometimes not play any effects.
  • Fixed issue whereby Ele’yas would not be buffed if a Commando Neophyte died right after spawning.
  • Fixed some issues with Shani ability priority.
  • Fixed issue with Tuirseach Axeman ability priority while affected by Weather.
  • Fixed issue with various Medic priorities related to weather.
  • Fixed issue whereby War Longship would still deal damage, even when its strength had reached 0.

Game polishes:

  • Fixed typo in name of the author of the Ciri card (Anna Podedworna).
  • Fixed Tordarroch Shieldsmith’s tooltip in German.
  • Fixed Ice Giant’s tooltip in Polish.
  • Fixed Arachas Behemoth’s tooltip in Polish.
  • Fixed Priscilla’s tooltip – it now correctly states she can draw any cards, not just units.
  • Improved “mulligan” scrolling mechanics.
  • Improved Russian font, thus eliminating a few issues.
  • Numerous minor tooltip polishes (typos, punctuation etc.).


Gwent Live Stream Overview – Upcoming Patch Changes, Future Additions

The Gwent live stream has revealed some awesome new developments coming to the game. There’s some new categories and changes to cards that give Golden status in the next patch. Ranked Play is being worked on and will be coming down the line along with five new cards and some more additions to premium cards. The experience system is being upgraded and there will be a robust leaderboard for Ranked Play.

If you missed the stream you can watch it here.

Upcoming Patch Changes

Card Changes

Coming Soon

All this stuff is a work in-progress and might not end up going live in this state.

Ranked Play

Ranked Play is being worked on, here’s a screenshot of how it looks when you unlock it:


New Leveling System

A new leveling system will be added. You will now get experience even if you lose. When you reach a new level you are rewarded, and you will get a reward for every level you get. It will be cards, resources, kegs, etc.



You can filter your leaderboard by region and with friends. Whenever you reach a new rank you will get a reward: cards, resources, or kegs. When the season ends you will get a reward based on your highest rank achieved during the season.


Premium Cards

More premium cards are on the way for IorvethRemove 6 strength from a non-Gold unit on the battlefield.Vernon RocheRemove 5 strength from a non-Gold unit on the battlefield., Birna BranDraw 2 cards. Keep 1 and discard the rest., CaretakerResurrect a non-Gold, non-Permadeath unit from the opposing graveyard., and Ragh Nar RoogRemove 2 base strength from 8 random opposing non-Gold units on the battlefield..

New Cards


Geralt: Aard – When you play Geralt: Aard you can choose a row on your opponent’s side, and it will move all of the units to the higher row, and deal 1 damage to all of the units moved.


Kayran – It consumes three of your non-gold cards and inherits their power.


Coral – You select a row on your side of the board, and it will move all of your units to the row that Coral was played on.


Schirru – New ambush card. It’s played face down, it’s triggered when a special card is played and changes it to a ScorchDestroy the strongest non-Gold unit(s) on the battlefield.. It might play another Scorch after that, but it’s unclear.


Dimeritium Shackle – It removes all of the current effects on a card and if the card is promoted to Gold it will remove this status. If you play it on a standard Gold card it will remove the Gold status.

General Questions

Will there be player icons (avatars)?

They will come in the future.

Can you use a Medic card on a Relentless card?


Will the patch be released in a similar time frame on both platforms?


How can you obtain Premium cards?

In Kegs!

Will there be any Neutral Medic Revive cards?

They don’t think so, they want to avoid that.

Gwentify Site Updates: Collection Manager, Deck Pages, Card Ratings, & Deck Builder!

Hello everyone, I’ve gone ahead and added some updates and improvements to some of our features.

Deck Builder

You can now sort by Loyalty, but you can also sort by cards you Own and Don’t Own if you’ve added your Collection to our Gwent Collection Manager. This will allow you to better know which cards you can use before you build the deck. I plan to further improve this feature my demonstrating how many of each card you know, but this is a good start.


Deck Pages

If you have your Collection added, you can now see how many of each card you are missing on the deck pages. This will give you a better sense of what you would have to craft to finish a specific deck. The numbers in red denote the cards you are missing. If you don’t see a red number it means you have all of those specific cards.


Card Ratings

I’ve added a star rating system for all of the current cards. This will give people a better sense of how good a certain card is and whether or not they should consider crafting it.


That’s all the changes for now, but I still have plans to add quite a bit more in the near future. If you’ve been using the site, thanks so much for being a fan!

Introducing Gwentify’s Gwent Collection Manager

UPDATE: The Collection Manager is back up and running and should be fixed. Please let me know in the comments if you have any issues, thanks!

Hey everyone, I’ve been putting together this collection manager for the last couple of weeks and I’ve just put it up live for bug testing. What this does is allows you to input your collection into our database to help with checking which cards you have when you get your Keg pick, and it also helps display which decks you can play in our deck database.

Check it out here (must be Registered to use): Gwent Collection Manager

Collection Manager w/Filters
Collection Manager w/Filters

You’ll notice when searching or viewing decks that you’ll either see the word “Missing” or you’ll see a red Scrap icon. What this displays is the amount of Scrap you would need to craft the entire deck based on your collection.

Red Scrap Icon Displaying Missing Scrap

If you go to your Profile > Collection you’ll find stats on how many cards you have and how many unique cards you’re missing to complete your set.

Your Profile Collection Stats
Your Profile Collection Stats

I will be looking to add more features, but I wanted to get the foundation up so people could try it out. Here’s what I should be adding soon:

  • Table View: A more list based view instead of purely images.
  • More Collection Stats: Percentages and how far you are from a complete set (having 3 of each Bronze).
  • Premium Cards: Once premium cards are available I’ll want to have the ability to add them to your collection.
  • Better Mobile Support: Right now it isn’t really usable on a mobile device (can’t remove cards) and I will be making sure this is usable there.

Known Bug

There is currently a bug that doesn’t allow you to sort by owned cards if you’ve added cards and haven’t saved and refreshed the page. I’m still trying to track this down, but because it’s not a huge issue I’ve decided to go live with the collection manager. It’s my first priority to fix this problem. A workaround for this bug is that you can save your collection then refresh the page which will allow you to sort by owned/not owned correctly.

That’s it for now, I would greatly appreciate it if you could leave me feedback or bugs/issues in the comments below! It’s much easier to add more features when I know what the community is looking for, thanks!


Gwent Patch 0.8.16 Overview

The new Gwent patch just went live, so I’m going to display some of the new things you might not know about yet right here in this post!

Keg Choice Change


You now can see at a glance which cards you own before you pick when opening a Keg!

Icon Updates


It looks like they’ve punched up some of the icons, and changed the Scraps icon.

Leader’s Changed to Epic


The rarity of leaders has been changed to epic. If you owned any ones you weren’t given originally, you’ll notice that you’ve gained some Scrap (600 for each). This change makes it easier to create leaders and makes them more likely to show up in Kegs.

Philippa Eilhart Nerfed


Philippa used to have 6 attack and set the strength of ALL other (including Gold) units on the row to 1. She’s now been tempered down a bit and looks like above.

There were a lot more changes as well, check out the full patch notes here.

Gwent Closed Beta 0.8.16 Patch Notes

Here are the new Gwent Closed Beta 0.8.16 patch notes! There will be the very sought after nerfs to the EredinPlay Eredin. leader ability which would summon a gold 10 strength Eredin token which will now be Silver and immune to Frost. This allows for the unit to be interacted with more easily.

Gameplay – Card Strength / Abilities Changes

Game Fixes

  • Fixed issue whereby the game would crash on some PCs while opening Card Kegs.
  • Fixed issue whereby losing Internet connection while selecting a Rare card from an opened Card Keg would block users from entering the Shop upon reconnection.
  • Fixed issue whereby the player would not get a reward after leveling up.
  • Fixed some issues involving infinite loading screens.
  • Game stability after suffering from connection losses has been improved.
  • Fixed minor Russian language issues.
  • Fixed several font issues in Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Fixed issue whereby your counterpart would lose input when entering Deck Builder after you canceled a Friend Match.
  • Fixed issue whereby using a card received as a reward in a deck in multiplayer required a restart in order to save the deck.
  • Fixed performance drops when browsing through lots of cards in a graveyard.
  • Fixed issue whereby mashing buttons would lead to input loss.
  • Fixed several issues in the Tutorials.
  • Fixed issue whereby “Mill Spare Cards Failure” pop-up persisted on screen after attempting to mill while disconnected.
  • Milling cards using the keyboard is now possible.
  • Improved selection highlights.
  • Fixed various typos in all languages.
  • Fixed issue whereby viewing a graveyard from which a Ghoul is currently consuming a unit would desynchronize the game.
  • Fixed issue whereby registering the Keg received after finishing the Tutorial in some users’ accounts would result in an error and directions to contact support.

Game Polishes


Leader Rarity Being Reduced to Epic from Legendary and New Patch Coming Soon!

It looks like we’re going to see a few significant chances in the upcoming Gwent patch for Closed Beta. One of those changes will be the changes to Leaders rarity from Legendary to Epic. This means you will be more likely to receive them in your Kegs. We will also be receiving 600 Scraps each for any non-starting Leaders in our collections! On top of that, they are throwing in a free Keg for everyone. Sounds like a pretty sweet update!

Greetings Gwenters! We’ve got a patch coming this week that’ll rebalance some of the cards. Since we’re changing the rarity of Leaders from legendary to Epic (a big deal!), you will get 600 scraps each for any non-starter Leaders in your collection (to make up the difference in crafting price). We’re also throwing in a free Keg for everyone, because why not? More details coming soon!


CDProjektRed will also be doing a livestream on Twitch on Thursday, November 17th to go over the upcoming patch in more detail!

Gwent Closed Beta Key Giveaway!

I have received a single Gwent Closed Beta Key, so I wanted to give it away to one lucky Gwentify user.

Update – A Winner has been Chosen!

9:18AM PDT: Rickka011 has confirmed and received the key, thank you to everyone who entered the contest!

7:30AM PDT: Rickkao11 is our randomly chosen winner! They have 48 hours to respond to the e-mail before another winner will be picked!

Here are the rules:

  • Register for Gwentify.
  • Be sure to register with a real E-Mail Address! I will be contacting the winner via E-Mail.
  • Create a Deck using our Gwent Deck Builder.
  • The deck must be reasonably put together and titled. Anything with a title like “asdfasdfasdf” will be eliminated from contention.
  • You only have to submit one deck to be in consideration, but feel free to submit as many as you want (it doesn’t increase your chances).
  • The giveaway ends October 29th, 2016 at Midnight PDT. I will choose one RANDOM user and update this post once the winner has been chosen.
  • The winner has 48 hours to respond verifying the key has been claimed. If the winner has not claimed the key within the 48 hour period, a new winner will be picked!

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook where I will also be announcing that a winner has been chosen. Good luck to everyone who enters!

As a side note, I’m looking for feedback on the site and the deck builder. Let me know in the comments what you would like to see improved!

Gnimsh’s Gwent First Impressions and Deck Lists

Gnimsh is a long time Hearthstone player, so I was very interested to read his take on Gwent. He was kind enough to allow us to re-host his thoughts here, check him out on Twitter!

Hey guys, I’m already 3 days in and around 150 kegs have been cracked. So far the game is great and really enjoyable. I like the feeling of a new card game, where you build new decks and try different ideas. I love the sounds/art style and mechanics, but let’s talk about the real stuff.

ECONOMY and is GWENT too expensive?

For now I agree with Noxious and other people who said that the game is expensive. I’ve spent around 150 usd on Kegs and got all rares, several epics and few Legendaries. Where crafting epics won’t be a problem due to daily rewards I’m looking at those Legendary cards and I’m thinking that no way I can collect them by crafting. I will need to either spend more or get lucky with Keg opening.

This might actually be fine as I still have the thrill of pack opening trying to hit those Legendary cards and collecting part of the game is still open to me, but I do feel like it might be a really long grind and we might need more in game rewards to allow people to get the cards easier. Not to mention a free to play model.

On the other hand it’s better to give less in the early beta days, than too much.

Deck Building

I like how the Gold cards you get will stay with you for a time and how Gwent is giving you a very good Vanilla GeraltNo ability. when you start. I opened Triss MerigoldRemove 4 strength from a non-Gold unit. and played her a lot before getting other cards. I still have her in most of my decks as options open.

The gold/silver/bronze deckbuilding mechanic is really interesting and especially Silver slot forces you to make important deck building decisions.

Every game I find something new and adjust my decks.

Some of the decks I’ve seen were crazy! Like de-ranking your Bloody BaronSpawn a Botchling or a Lubberkin. to silver to be able to resurrect it and have more Lubberkins.


Game is really smooth and requires a lot of strategy. It’s incredible how important restraint and thinking ahead is. Being able to have 1 more card in the last card can often win you the game. Did you need that extra 4 strength in the first one? Did you really need to remove that minion in the second? There is a lot of room for skill and baiting your opponent. Plus how to play your strategy and not get disrupted, while disrupting theirs. How to play around ScorchDestroy the strongest non-Gold unit(s) on the battlefield., or weather. Lots of fun!

The only complaint here would be if players magically stop playing removal then the game feels like solitaire. I had a couple of games like that with my Dwarf deck. We just played our cards without any interaction and then someone won.


EredinPlay Eredin. is obviously the elephant in the room as he has access to cheap cards and is easy to build, so feels powerful plus it’s really frustrating when you get REKT by RNG Monster power, but I don’t think the deck is THAT good. It’s normal and when people get more cards it will be easier to counter all kinds of Eredin, or Ge'elsAdd 2 strength to all non-Gold units on your side of the battlefield.. Where Eredin was destroying my Skellige deck for some time I didn’t have much problem against it with Northern Kingdoms. Plus you can always adjust your decks to counter it. Diversify your rows to play around weather. Play clear skies. Play IorvethRemove 6 strength from a non-Gold unit on the battlefield./Triss MerigoldRemove 4 strength from a non-Gold unit./Vernon RocheRemove 5 strength from a non-Gold unit on the battlefield. and reduce Eredin’s power. You can actually target him with those Legendaries.

At the moment metagame is still shaping up, but we have a plethora of different decks. Ramp with Decoy, Mid range with just strong cards and combo. Combos are frigging cool ;]

I feel like a lot of decks are still undiscovered due to people not having cards. Like Elves seem to be bad and non existent, but almost no one I faced had the important Legendary cards for neophytes.

The only fear is that we can figure out Gwent. That in the world of people with all the cards we will just know exactly what’s the best deck, but I doubt it will happen plus if new cards are released we should always be able to escape that fate 😀

Deck Lists

I’ve posted them at the top and can briefly talk about them. I obviously don’t have all the cards, but if you are looking for some concepts those decks are pretty good.

Continue Reading

Gwent Closed Beta – Pack (Keg) Pricing Structure

We can finally get a look at how the pricing model for Gwent’s packs (kegs) will be at least for now. Keep in mind this is Closed Beta so this stuff can easily change in the near future. Each keg contains 5 cards. At least one card will be Rare, Epic or Legendary.

  • 2x Cards Kegs – $2.99 ($1.50 per Keg)
  • 7x Card Kegs – $9.99 ($1.43 per Keg)
  • 15x Card Kegs – $19.99 ($1.33 per Keg)
  • 40x Card Kegs – $49.99  ($1.25 per Keg)
  • 60x Card Kegs – $69.99  ($1.17 per Keg)
  • 1x Card Keg – 100 Ore (In-game Currency)

I’ve rounded all the averages to make it easier to read.